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Hello, I’m Jodi Siu. Originally I started blogging as a personal diary, and as a way to document the building of our second home in West Virginia. I then realized; how much more I have to offer the world.


I am a creative perfectionist with a giving soul. I also love challenging tasks, being a wife, and crafts of any kind. So much so, that my husband Alex of 13 years built a small crafting house for me in our backyard. It is my happy place. During construction, someone happened to call it The Quilting Cottage. The phrase stuck, and I have called it that ever since. My Cottage is the place where great things happen, and all my dreams and visions begin.

Hair & Beauty

I am alsothe salon a licensed cosmetologist of 22 years, and owner of The Salon at Jodi’s. I am just as passionate about hair as I am about DIY. Let me be honest. I have many passions, but making people feel good and look great is the most rewarding. My running mantra is: “When you look better, you feel better and when you feel better you do better”. I truly believe that how you present yourself to the world is how you really feel inside.

Design & Decor

the house on main stMy home is also an outward reflection of my inner self. It is my sanctuary and the place where I feel at peace. Rachel, (the original owners first name, and the name Alex and I gave our home) is a 163-year-old historic home in Westminster, MD. She has a lot of charm, and over the years I have enjoyed decorating and remodeling her o bring out her character. A year ago, we added an in-law addition for Alex’s mother after the passing of his father. It was during this lengthy project that I discovered my love for interior design.  It was a blank canvas that I turned into something amazing.

Writing this page has made me reflect on the many accomplishments I have had in the past 38 years. Dreams about what is yet to come, and my journey that I am excited to share with you. Welcome to space and My Quilting Cottage; where I aspire to inspire you.

jodi siu
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